Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time ... what time?

I don't get it. You think "it was only yesterday I did that" and then you realise it was actually a month (or more) ago ! There never seems to be enough time to do anything. But at least you're never bored.

We've been setting up a new website www.slidetite.co.uk and trying to get photos, etc done. We've also been working on new promotional material and it all takes much longer than you first think. Take a simple example: a countertop box to put stock in. (1) You have to find someone who supplies them. We eventually found CardWorks and they are good, but it took ages to track them down. (2) Once you have the box how do you decorate it? Header card ... graphics on the sides ... stickers ... etc ...etc...? What you thought would be a couple of days turns into a week; then two. The up side - of course - is that once it is done you will have something which you can be proud of and that looks good.

Another important thing to do is get a good print shop who you can work well with ... we use Flying Colours. They are reasonably local to us but, more importantly, they are the sort of printer who isn't afraid to say to you "well that's OK but it would be better if you thought about this" and that is worth a lot.