Thursday, November 09, 2006

Plans of mice and men

Well that's been an interesting couple of weeks. Lots happening - hence the gap between entries in this blog.

No photos from the Cotswold Inventors Fair I'm afraid - some of the inventions hadn't had full protection applied to them yet (patents, etc) and so no cameras !! Seems perfectly reasonable. Its a pity though because some of them were really excellent and well worth seeing.

Anyway the SlideTite website is about to go multilingual - we have a company developing a new site for us which has a backend database in it. This means that we can add any language we like and the site will use it. I am promised the adding of a new language for the whole site will take less than a day once its all working ... we'll see :-)

We have also been building retail display units. Odd process - you have to make the display unit look good, but it has to meet all safety regulations, but it can't take up too much space, but it has to be big enough to use, but it has to have enough space to put everything on, but it shouldn't have any wasted "shelf" space. My brain hurts ... but we are nearly there with the first one - a floor standing unit which will go on trial in an outdoor / survival shop. So what happens? Anne gets a request for a second display unit ... for shelf mounting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

However, one excellent company we found was Index Plastics they have everything you could want to go on a retail display (and more) and they are so helpful I had to mention them here. Try their Wobblers ....... you won't be disappointed :-)

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